Renewable Energy

Wind and solar power are the most popular and efficient renewable energy sources. Depending on your specific location, it’s a good idea to research all options and see which one will work best for your application. Maybe you live in a valley that doesn’t get much wind or maybe your home is deep in the forest and sunlight is minimal. Whatever your situation, there are sustainable energy sources that are right for you.

There are a wide variety of affordable solar panel kits, as well as wind turbine kits available to everyone today. Take a look at some of the top-rated wind and solar options below.


2000 Watt 11 Blade Missouri General Freedom II Wind Turbine

Freedom ll PMG (PERMANENT MAGNET GENERATOR) WITH 28 MAGNET ROTORmissouri wind and solar, wind turbine, wind power, renewable energy, solar
Freedom ll PMG has no brushes, very dependable
125,000 hours + of rated bearing life
Two heavy duty bridge rectifiers for converting 3 phase to dc output
Mounting Bracket and Heavy Duty 2 arms tail assembly
Tail fin measures 29″ tall for maximum tracking
No slip rings to fail or replace. Wire tension system
Comes with 11 Raptor nylon carbon fiber composite blades
For charging 12, 24, or 48 volt battery banks
Specifically designed for wind turbines.

“–Nice, Five Stars”


ALEKO WG450A 450 Watt 24 Volt Residential Wind Turbine Generator

ALEKO 450 Watt, 24 Volt system uses wind to generate power and run your appliances andaleko wind turbine, wind power, solar, renewable energy electronics
Constructed from lightweight, weatherproof cast aluminum
Latest 2013 design with 5 new blades
Wind turbines include generator, 5 blades, tail, bar and hardware.

–“decent for money”

–“Five Stars, good job!”


Automaxx Windmill 600W (12V / 24V) (50A / 25A) Wind Turbine Generator kit

The 600W wind turbine is our mid power level wind turbine, made specifically for off-gridautomaxx wind turbine, wind power, solar power, renewable energy residential use in mind. Its DIY set-up instructions and with all the materials needed provided for, you will be able to set the wind turbine up in no time at all. The 600W wind turbine is durable, low maintenance and the most powerful wind turbine in our line up of wind turbine having weighing at only 26 lbs. Coated with special high weather tolerant protection spray to protect the wind turbine from the elements such as rain. It is a completely self-sustaining stand-alone device that will continuously generates 100% clean GREEN renewable energy, without you being present or around it.

–“Brilliant! Fun Activity.”

–“Better than expected.”



Popsport Wind Generator 300W Wind Turbine DC 12V

This is a 400 watts wind turbine 12V hybrid controller. Max daily output is at 1.4KW. This windpopsport, wind turbine, solar, windmill, sustainable energy, renewable energy generator is a real powerhouse and a useful addition to solar energy. Well suited for the leisure sector, it is famous for battery charging on boats, gazebos, chalets or mobile homes. The wind generator takes at least air movement and provides reliable even during storms electricity.
CE Certification, RoHS Certification and ISO9001 Certification
Human-friendly design, easy to install and maintain
Low start-up speed, high wind power utilization, light, cute, low vibration
Enhancing wind power coefficient and power generating capacity. Effectively reducing torque resistance and guarantees the stability

–“Beyond expectation”

–“Awesome wind generator”

Missouri Freedom 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator

It has a 14 magnet rotor inside and our skewed stator core for easy turning – up to 1600 watts max output! NO COGGING – Cut in speed of 6 MPH.missouri freedom, wind turbine, wind power, solar power, renewable energy This unit comes with:
Freedom PMG™ has no brushes, very dependable!
125,000 hours + of rated bearing life.
One heavy duty bridge rectifier for converting 3 phase to DC output.
Fully galvanized mounting Bracket and Heavy Duty two arm tail assembly.
Tail fin measures 29″ tall for maximum tracking.
No slip rings to fail or replace. Wire tension system.
Comes with 5 Raptor Generation 4 nylon carbon fiber composite blades. Aerodynamically tapered Genuine RAPTOR GENERATION 4 Blades ™ for maximum output.

–“Great turbine–huge tail makes wind tracking non-sway. Love those raptor blades!”

–“Excellent!! Five Stars!!”


Grape Solar GS-400-KIT 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

grape solar, solar panel kit, off-grid, renewable energyThe Grape Solar 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit is ideal for a variety of applications, including emergency backup systems, RVs, boats, 12 Volt battery charging, small pumps, charging small electronic devices and operating LED lights. Made with high efficiency crystalline solar cells for years of service, this solar kit is easy to install and virtually maintenance free! An anodized aluminum frame and a sealed junction box make the panel weatherproof for outdoor use. Two blocking diodes prevent reverse current flow. This system will provide approximately 1,200 Watt Hours or 100 Amp Hours of charge per day. 

–“Quality system and components”

–“Solar for my tiny house”


ECO-WORTHY 1.4Kw Wind Solar Power

Only suitable for 24v system, this unit can be placed on a house boat with the turbinesolar wind power, renewable energy, solar power, electricity generator. You can use wind and solar simultaneously to charge battery bank.
The new style controller is more efficient and fully automatic, you don’t need to set any parameters.
The cable adapter is used to connect the solar panels with the controller, you need to get other cables (14awg suggested) to connect the turbine with the controller. High performance nylon fiber blades by precision molding injection. It’s made for both land and marine. The solar panel is designed with corrosion resistant aluminum frame for outdoor use, allowing the panel to last for decades as well as withstand high wind (2400Pa) and snow load (5400Pa).

–“Great item and its made good.”

–“Shipped quickly, needs better/more instructions”


ECO-WORTHY 800 Watts Solar Panel Kit

eco-worthy, solar panel kit, electricity, off grid, off-grid livingHigh-efficiency silicon solar cells ensure high performance of solar modules and create maximum power output. 25-year transferable power output warranty: 5-year/95% efficiency rate, 10-year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate.
Easy way to provide power for sheds, light poles and gates without the need for trenching and laying cables.
Great for camping or remote cabins. Power devices in remote back country locations.
The system has the capability of withstanding heavy snow and strong wind loads.
Auxiliary power for RV’s. Popular with commercial RV retrofitting.

–“Good solar starter kit.”

–“Great buy great price”

If you are serious about going off the grid and living self-sufficiently, making the switch to an alternative energy source, such as wind or solar power is one of the most important decisions that you need to consider. Of course you could always live by candlelight and use other sources for heat but we have the technology and the availability of great products to conserve energy while making off-grid living more comfortable so it’s definitely worth a look.

If you are not sure that switching to wind or solar power is right for you, The US Department of Energy has an informative website right here: